Detailed view of online 8 ball pool game

In present world there are two third of the people are more interested to spend their leisure times in several gaming such as adventures, horror, battle field, enemy defeat etc,. Since gaming field is growing enormously and people tends to move even faster to get latest trend game like 8 ball pool game is one among such pool games which designed in two dimensional gaming platform played by all people around the world.

The 8 ball pool game is designed in interesting manner such player has to play with a white cute ball along with 15 number of ball which includes one black ball and rest colors. The game is designed as a multiplayer mode. The game play is simple if one player tries to pocket the specified colored balls for example if first player tries to pocket solid colored balls which are numbered as differently. Where second player tries to knock the other colored balls such as stripped balls each colored balls are numbered differently such as solid colored balls are numbered as one to seven and striped balls numbered as nine to fifteen. A player cannot pocket simultaneously either stripped or solid colored balls each player has to pocket eight balls to win the game. Many players use online to finish the game faster but it does not give that much fun while playing

Mode of play:

Player can play this 8 ball pool game both in online as well as in offline mode since both mode resemble same the major difference among online and offline mode is some shots which would be simple and easy while playing in offline mode and somewhat difficult while playing in online mode since online mode of play is designed in such a way that it is played in two dimensional eye perspective which made this mode more interesting for playing. In both mode of play the player can balance the real cue ball and play with lot of fun without worrying about control of ball.

The game is controlled by means of cursor over the ball in online mode and player can move the ball to make a shot by moving the cursor and power bar is used for selecting a shot strength to make a shot. This method of control is tried many times which made player very comfortable and experience a realistic game. Even though the game is in 2D layout but ball is movement is viewed in 3D layout while playing in online mode.

Tips for the player to win the game

  • Player should always think about where the cue ball travels and think where cue ball should make shot.

  • Player should have a keen view about ball where it will lead while it shot down.

  • Player should not attack layout balls always if it continuous it would be difficult to opponent player.

  • Generally in pool games player should stay focused on the real game because if any misplayed it may leads to waste of money in real game world.


Online 8 ball pool game is an excellent way to spend time for relaxing.

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